Janet Lynn Jones

Janet Jones, 54, Frederick, passed away Monday, October 29, 2012 at Jackson County Memorial Hospital. Celebration of Life services are scheduled for 2 pm Friday, November 2, 2012 at the Kincannon Gathering Room with Garry Worden officiating and cremation to follow. Memorial services and cremation services are under the direction of Kincannon Funeral Home.

Janet was born June 20, 1958 in Victoria, Texas to Mr. and Mrs. John Dyer. Her family moved to Altus where she attended school and graduated from Altus High School in 1976. She married Jim Chumley and to this union two children were born. Janet was a homemaker and owner of J L’s Bar and Grill from 1994 to 2000. She married Bob Jones February 14, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been self-employed since 2000, owning her own cleaning business in Vernon, Texas and Graham, Texas. She was of the Christian faith. She enjoyed painting, drawing, poems, camping, fishing and spending time with her family.

Janet was preceded in death by her grandparents. She is survived by her parents; her husband, Bob Jones of Frederick, OK; a daughter, Jenny Chumley of Graham, TX; a son, Jimmie Chumley of Houston, TX; a grandson, Tyler Chumley of Graham, TX; four sisters, Laurie Phillips of Nacogdoches, TX; Donna Wilson and husband, Mike, of Arlington, TX, Linda Woodruff of Arlington, TX, and Maggie Chastain and husband, Dave, of Arlington, TX; her first husband, Jim Chumley of Vernon, Texas; and many friends.


  1. Gail Wood says:

    Janet was such a kind hearted, giving person. She was a neighbor to my Mother in Vernon, TX and was always helpful to her. One Mother’s Day she made a card for her:

    “My friend knows not my Destiny, But part of it, she’ll always be. A mother to me, she knows she’s been. The best friend a friend can be. Love ya, Janet” She added a footnote: “Please don’t worry about me. God has a special place for me in this world. I help people when I can. I’m an angel without wings. Someday the Lord will decide it’s time for me and this world to part, but til then, Janet will be Janet, So love me as I am.”

  2. Sherri Ashcraft says:

    Janet, was an intellect. She had a photographic memory. We used to walk to Southeast Junior together and on the way study for our History tests. I was always blown away at her talents and ability. We were “best friends” and I loved her so much. She had a good heart and she always reached out to others in need. She would tell me about caring for her grandson Tyler and how she would make a big tent in the house where they would camp out and play. She was an awesome person! We used to sneak out out windows at 2 am and meet up at the train track separating our housing development. We would harmlessly hang-out except for the occasional cigarrette we smoked. lol One day we got the bright idea to paint a flag of the United States on the water tower located on Park Lane. We climbed out our windows one evening at 2 a.m. and met up at the train track where we commnened to drinking my Dad’s Jim Beam as we strolled down Park Lane to the water tower. Once there, we maneuved up the thin stairs to the top which was about 50′. We stood on a narrow ledge that was embraced by a small roped handrail. We initiated the plan and began painting our hearts out. The flag was about 4′ X 6′ in diameter. A patrolman came down the road flashing his spot light around. We shifted sideways around to the other side out of his view. Thank God we made it don’t without injury. The flag stayed up on the water tower for years even years after we graduated. Back in the day, this was considered creative mischief. However, the law is much more strickly enforced today and we would probably have been in serious trouble.

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