Cemetery workers will open the grave using a backhoe or other mechanical equipment.

The burial vault is delivered just prior to interment.

Family and friends gather at the graveside for final ceremonies.

Factory-trained personnel properly seal the casket in the vault above ground and gently lower it into grave. The grave is filled, compacted and covered with sod.

Why do I need a burial vault?

The weight of the earth and heavy equipment used to dig graves far exceeds what an unprotected casket can withstand. A burial vault made of specially formulated, reinforced concrete designed to support these elements and more. Concrete becomes stronger when placed in the ground: so a vault buried years ago could actually be stronger today. Our water resistant, coated and lined vaults are made to place protection from impact and moisture between the earth and the casket. Doric vaults are made to exceed cemetery requirements for strength and rigidity.

If you have selected a protective casket, it deserves to be placed in a protective vault. If you have not made that selection, you need a protective vault. Altus City and Restlawn Cemeteries require an outer burial container, while some rural cemeteries do not.


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